Edge Yoga with Kristina

My professional background includes 10 years in the medical field proving patient care. I’ve worked in internal medicine, med/surg/ICU and in specialties such as Endocrinology, Dermatology and Orthopedics.

I began practicing yoga in college and fell in love with what I could achieve not only physically, but mentally. I began studying yoga more in-depth several years ago and became certified to instruct right after my daughter was born (and even used yogic breathing to get through her birth)!

I am an Ashtanga based yogi, focused on alignment and breathing (pranayama) but love to instruct all types of classes to work the mind and the body in different ways.

I love that yoga gives me the opportunity to reach everyone. I can offer children the practice to help them focus their energy, I can help adults alleviate their stress, I can help athletes excel and help the older population with balance training to avoid possible fall risks.

Why is Yoga different at EDGE?

Yoga at EDGE is not your “typical” yoga class. We are always focused on strength. At EDGE, I offer a different class every week that centers around specific postures that directly relate to what we’re doing in the EDGE Fit and Boot Camp programs. Modeling of postures, modifications and hands on adjustments are provided. While you don’t need to be a member or be a part of these groups to benefit, the weekly yoga class will help your body recover more quickly from these classes.