Our flagship program here at EDGE Fitness & Strength is what we call “EDGE-Fit”. EDGE-Fit is a program designed with characteristics of several fitness disciplines. There are aspects of weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman (and woman!), bodybuilding, sports performance, endurance training and even gymnastics that create the premise of the overall program. EDGE-Fit is completely scalable to work for every level of fitness from complete beginner to advanced athlete.

Within the program and our main Workout of the Day, we have several tracks that allow for goal-based customization to ensure you are getting the appropriate stimulus for what you are planning to achieve.

We utilize several different types of equipment including barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, boxes, sleds, battleropes, tires, and of course bodyweight. We also have several pieces of specialized equipment such as safety-squat bars, hex-deadlift bars, neutral grip bench press bars and more! Our coaches will help guide you through the program and give special attention to teaching proper technique of each exercise.

We understand that you are unique and may require an alternative variation to accommodate your particular needs due to mobility restriction, inexperience, previous injury, etc.

The program and workouts regularly change just enough to progressively challenge your body. They are planned–not random– and designed in a way that allows you to gauge your progress so you can continue to excel.

We focus on improving strength and fitness within each workout.This hybrid combination allows us to maximize your results. By combining strength training and metabolic conditioning (a.k.a “MetCon”), our program will promote fat loss, lean muscle gain, improved endurance and increased stamina. With consistent effort and dedication to your attendance at the gym, you will hands-down get in the best shape of your life!