Our BootCamp is one of our amazing programs offered here at EDGE Fitness & Strength and is perfect for those looking to get a jump-start on their overall health and fitness. Whether you’ve never worked out a day in your life, struggle with ‘doing it on your own,’ or you simply want to bust through a plateau, look no further than our program.

This option has many similarities to our main EDGE-Fit program, thus, making the underlying goals the same. For example, we focus on improving fitness and strength within each workout. This hybrid combination allows us to maximize your results! By combining strength training and conditioning (a.k.a “Cardio”), our program will promote fat loss, lean muscle gain, improved endurance and increased stamina. One of the main differences is that we do not use barbells. We utilize the TRX suspension trainer, kettlebells, dumbbells, battleropes, sleds, bands, and of course bodyweight exercises.

If you are interested in eventually doing exercises with barbells and more advanced movements, this program will serve at the perfect springboard to develop the mobility, technique and strength you need to be successful long term.

Another distinction of this program is that it puts an extra emphasis on increasing a persons’ GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Essentially, think of your GPP as how fit you are for everyday life. You can climb a flight of stairs without getting winded; you can carry in a load of groceries from the car in one trip; and you can feel confident signing up for a local 5k run/walk. From a technical perspective, the main aspects of GPP consist of developing exercise and movement technique, improving basic strength levels, and creating a base level of aerobic fitness.

Lastly, there is also a large educational component to this program. We include some nutritional advice within this program in order to teach you what foods will help contribute to your physical success rather than set you back. Upon enrollment, you can expect to be added to our private Facebook group where we will share tips, motivation and general information.

The BootCamp program is held indifferent blocks. At the beginning of the program, we do a full assessment that includes a body fat percentage test, body measurements, and fitness tests. When we retest these things at the end of the program, you will literally see on paper just how far you’ve come!

This program is designed to get you amazing results while also preparing you to move on to the EDGE-Fit routine. Most BootCamp members do, in fact, complete many program rounds in a row before eventually moving onto the EDGE-Fit program. Our BootCamp meets three times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and once on Saturday for a “bonus” or make-up workout. Each session will get you in and out of the gym in about 50 minutes.